Announcement Introducing v2
Hey there! There's a huge announcement we've been waiting to make for about a week or so. The announcement details what's going on with the server moving forward, in what I'm dubbing Towny Kingdoms v2.

Now, as many of you know already, we were already planning on re-branding as a medieval server as part of the 1.12 update. That went alright, however there were still some issues I personally had with what was going on inside of the server. For one thing, Spawn is much too big and the upkeep for it is a bit too much. And, on the topic of too big and too much upkeep, so is the world. So, I decided that moving forward, we're wiping the slate almost completely clean.

This includes the website, as you may have already noticed, but also the world, money, mcMMO, SkillAPI (now renamed the PPS for Player Progression System) class progress, etc. The only thing not getting reset or rebuilt for this update is the rank system. We're building a new spawn which is smaller and easier to handle, and we're now using a generated world using the Epic World Generator plugin with 0 custom terrain.

So, to clear up a few things:

  1. New slate, new world, new spawn
  2. No items, experience, towns, money, mcMMO or SkillAPI data will be transferred
  3. Change of Skill API to the PPS system
  4. Building from the ground up to a true medieval theme
This decision will not be reversed, it is final, and we're all actually looking forward to what's ahead of us. We'll be posting updates here and in the Discord as well. Hope to see you on the other side :)