Status Update

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Hello everyone, I know it's been nearly a month since my last update and I apologize for that. Things have taken more time than I thought they would, and additionally some of the plans I had in place changed. If you read the last update, you know that as a team we are planning to relaunch the server this month (January 2019). To me, this seemed like an easy goal to accomplish, however when dealing with technology you always have to plan for the eventuality that some or most things will either go wrong or change. At the start of this year, I was making good progress on the Elder Realms and we had the plans in place for the shopping district. However, as I said, plans do change and thus I ran into an issue that I wasn't expecting. For the Elder Realms, I was relying solely on a plugin called Epic World Generator. It's a real-time generator that produces worlds that look like they've been made in a program like World Painter. However, because that plugin had a major version...

Our Plans for the New Year

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Hello everyone and happy holidays! I hope all of you are doing well. I want to take this time to talk about what is planned for the new year for TK and give an outline for what we want to happen next year with the server. It's been relatively radio silence since I announced that Wytherin and TK are merging, and that's because all of us have been working on plans for the server.

First and foremost, we currently plan to relaunch the server (as in start advertising again) sometime mid January 2019. This will allow us to gain a bit more of a steady player base, and hopefully we will be able to build a community from that! With advertising of course comes new additions including Voting and rewards for voting which I will go over in a later post. All of us are excited for this new chapter, and it's coming relatively soon as well!

We have some pretty big plans for the network in the coming year, the biggest of which is a little bit more integration between Wytherin and Towny...

Towny Kingdoms and Wytherin!

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Hello everyone, I'm pleased to announce that Towny Kingdoms and Wytherin have joined forces and are now under the Towny Kingdoms Network! You can still go to each server individually, all you have to do is connect to their IPs, and select the server you wish to join using the compass or by going through a portal. If you wish to go back to the hub afterwards, just type /server hub and you can go to either server!

This marks a new era for Towny Kingdoms and a fantastic new partnership that both Kitty and I are really excited about. We'll be adding an SMP server and a Vanilla server to the list as well, so there will be more ways to play on Towny Kingdoms than ever before. If you want to join the Wytherin Discord, the link to that is below as well. I'll be working on the website quite a bit over the next few weeks to include information about both servers, their rules, and what each have to offer. For now though, I hope you all are as excited about this as I am.

As always...

1.14 Snapshot Server!

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Hello everyone, it's update time again, and that means there's a new snapshot server up and running! To connect, the IP is - be sure to use the 1.14 Snapshot! Have fun testing it out!


1.13.1 Update is LIVE!

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Hello everyone! I have some great news! The server has been updated to 1.13.1 successfully and we can now start transferring things over! When you log in for the first time, you'll start at an abandoned crashed ship. In front of you, you will see a floating greeting with the instruction to go to /warp start. Once you're there, you'll see directions on how to transfer your items. There are three things you need to know:

  1. To get to old towns, use /warps. All old towns were deleted due to some odd issues with chunks relocating
  2. To get to your transfer plots, use /warp transfer. Grab your stuff, and go back to the main world.
  3. To get to the old world (the spawn), type /warp oldworld
Other than that information, that's about it! Let me know on Discord, in game or in the...

Donation Store

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Greetings everyone! It has come to my attention that our current donation store violates the Minecraft EULA and therefore any ability to buy ranks, town plots or /fly have been suspended indefinitely. All users that have purchased those ranks or perks previously will be able to keep them, this will only affect new purchases. You can still choose to support the server by going to the donate link and clicking the Donate button on our Buycraft page. We still need help covering the costs of the server.

I will be updating the ranks soon so that they are only cosmetic or for loot chests. I realize this isn't fantastic for all of you, but it's what has to be done.


The Road to 1.13 Part 2

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Greetings everyone! It's been over a month since I posted the original thread about our upgrade path to 1.13, and since (according to right now) they are aiming for a release in 7 days (July 18) I thought I needed to update you all on what we're doing for 1.13.

Much of the plan is still in place, which is:

  • No rank reset
  • No money reset
  • As soon as we can, allow players to connect with 1.13
Some things have been decided on from the last post, however. When I made my original post over a month ago, I asked everyone for feedback on a world reset. I got some good feedback, and ultimately we have decided that we are going to reset the world for 1.13. There are 2 main reasons for this, which are 1) The world has started acting up lately and clearly wants a fresh start and 2) we want the new generation features of 1.13 to be accessible without having to wander a huge amount of distance...

Minecraft 1.13 & The Snapshot Server

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Hello everyone! As you know, Minecraft 1.13 Pre-release 1 was released 2 days ago. That means we're getting a lot closer to the final release for 1.13, and of course that means we (as a staff team and as a server) need to start getting ready for the 1.13 update. This will be a bit of a longer wait time to update the server as there were actually quite a few new things added to the game, most notably for us is the new way item IDs are handled.

At the moment, the server is running with 69 plugins installed. Before we can really update, we have to make sure that the majority of those plugins are updated. The big ones at the moment are our shop plugin and Towny. As far as we've been told, Towny should be ready to just load up once 1.13 comes out, but we'll have to wait to see if that's really the case. Some things should work right out of the gate, but I'm expecting the majority of our plugins to need updating.

Something I need some feedback on is whether or not you guys want...

TownyKingdoms Modpack!

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Hey all. Back in the days of the original TownyKingdoms, I created a launcher and a modpack to go with it. There was a server, and a few people came on and we had a good time. That pack has been revitalized as TK Space. Originally, it was going to be a space focused pack, but now has turned into just a general gigantic mod pack. It has a total of 129 mods (I'll make a list of them at a later time) and its own website (

To get the pack, follow the directions on the pack's website. From there, the IP address is See you on, and have fun!


Rank Changes

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Hey all. I'm making some changes to our ranks, and you all need to be privy to them. The new ranks are outlined below.

Traveler (default):

  • Unchanged except for name
Peasant (member):
  • No longer has access to Silk Spawners being broken with a silktouch pick
  • No longer had access to /back
Lord (Level 1):
  • Access to Silk Spawners
  • Access to /back
  • Access to /backpack
  • Access to /realname
  • Access to /recipe
  • Access to /workbench
  • Access to /ptime
  • Keep XP on death
  • All perks from Level 1 as it was before
Prince (Level 2):
  • Access to /feed
  • Access to /pweather
  • All perks from Level 1 and Level 2 as they...

We're Back! And other such updates.

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Video (take a quick listen):

Towny Kingdoms is coming back full time. It's going to be run by myself and a fellow named WriteEscape/Ady. We're going to be using most of the same plugins, but we won't have a custom world. Any staff that was on TK is welcome to join up. We have ideas, and are going to execute them.

That's all for now, stay tuned on the discord ;)


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