Hey there everyone. Thought I'd give a small update. At the moment, all plugins seem to be updated and working correctly. The other big thing that we were working on was the spawn remodel, and the first floor of that is very nearly complete. Naturally since those two things are updated and working, we unwhitelisted the server so y'all can come on and test stuff which was announced in the discord.

Building from there, the website's theme has indeed been updated, and we are possibly going to still update the logo but that isn't 100% as I'm not sure whether or not I'll need to pay someone for it or if we as the staff can manage it on our own. I do know the circular TK icon will stay the same because I do really like that.

We're not advertising yet, as that will have to wait until spawn is done so that new players aren't met with an unfinished spawn. Once the spawn is completed, we will start advertising as promised.

So there's the update!

Official Roadmap to 1.12
Just as a quick note, this is everything that we (as the staff team) will accomplish by the time we fully update to 1.12. It's a rather large list (in terms of time and effort) so it might take time. Building off of my last post, that plan is still in effect, so when 1.12 hits (last heard to be on Wednesday) the server will be locked down, and we'll start moving things and start the re-brand process.

This might take a day or two, it might take a week. I'm not going to give an estimate or any hard dates, because they always change and they are never truly accurate as to what we're actually doing. I'll also be doing a little podcast here today or tomorrow, so look for that as well. Anyway, enough rambling, here's the list.

  1. Change advert lingo to Medieval (already partially done)
  2. Implement fancy spawn things
  3. Update plugins (obviously)
  4. Bug test the snot out of things
  5. Possibly change style of logo & website

Announcement Major Change Incoming
Hello everyone! I've got a gigantic announcement to make today. The staff and I have been talking over the past few days about how to really get the ball rolling again, and what we've come up with is a really big deal to how TK is going to be from here on out.

The biggest change that we're making is we're going to sort of "re-brand", meaning that we're no longer going to focus on Roleplay as our main attraction (for a number of reasons), and instead we're going to be focusing more on being a medieval Towny server. So, that means that we're not going to be "branded" as a roleplay Towny server any longer. This means a new logo, advertising more often (which will now be up to more people than just me), and removing anything RP related from any of the descriptions we have of the server across the many advert sites.

I do want to be clear about something as well, we are not resetting the map for this. We'll actually be rolling out this rebrand when 1.12 hits (which is really damn close, Spigot actually did a pre-release for once). So again, no map reset. We will be reorganizing the interior of spawn, though. When this happens, we will also be whitelisted for a bit so we can get this done (although not a whole lot of people come on anyway).

We're also not scrapping the class system or the magic, and we're also probably going to have dungeons around as well. A big reason for this change is that it was almost a lie to call ourselves a roleplay server, especially when we had no main quest line or story what so ever to follow. The server has always been more of a fantasy medieval server, but with RP forced into it, making things a lot more complicated than it needed to be. That said, @Moon will probably still work on Quests going forward, just not big ones. More event-type quests, I believe.

So, that's the big announcement. Even while writing this, I felt a little relieved because of the fact that I'm not going to be forcing...
So, as some of you have probably noticed, the IP that you might have been using (play.townykingdo.ms) no longer works. That's not an error, I simply didn't see the need to pay $60 a year for it. So, the IP that you need to use is play.townykingdoms.com. We're not offline or dead, just have turned that IP over to the internet gods.

My gosh has it been a minute since I've done a podcast. But I did another one! You can listen to it with your ear holes over here. I need to hear from you guys, about where you want the server to go, and what you would like to see. I need some direction. That's all I'm gonna say! It's 16 minutes, listen to it.

Hoppy Easter everyone! I hope you guys are as excited as I am; because there is an Easter Egg hunt approaching! Shulkerbox "Easter baskets" are hidden throughout the map and it's up to you all to find them! There will also be an actual "egg hunt" later in the day if enough people are on! As for a quest? Look forward to next week. Now more info for the egg hunt!

All of the "baskets" are different colors, and each different colored basket has a different set of items inside! For example a bluish color might have underwater items.... Also don't be concerned all of the baskets are visible but they may be high up, in the water, or on mountains!

Happy hunting everyone!
Announcement Snapshot Server
The snapshot server is back up @ vregular.aurengaming.com. It's running 17W13A. So, parrots 'n stuff!

Official Some status
Server was down, dunno why it was down, isn't down any more. Magic!
It's been a few weeks of relative silence, so here's an update!

Official SkillAPI
Hi there everyone! So, I know there have been issues with SkillAPI ever since I upgraded us to the premium version. Well, now we're back on the free version again. So, as usual if you seeds in your hotbar, run /class bar to get rid of them. Otherwise, everything is pretty much as it should be.

In other news, both Vanilla servers have been turned off for a bit. They will stay down until a time that I feel it is necessary to have them up again. Anyway, that's pretty much all there is to know.