What Happened?

In the past, TownyKingdoms was a multiplayer Towny server. After a lengthy discussion, the majority of the administration team decided it was for the best that the server be mostly closed down. However, the server is not to disappear, it is staying around as a simple Vanilla survival server with no upkeep what so ever. The community is not being demolished, but the old forums are now disabled. You can still join discord by clicking the Discord link above.

What Are Your Future Projects?

Some of the staff team and I are starting a new endevour called The Digital Order. It is a group of us that are content creators, builders, entertainers, etc that all want to have a community and platform to interact with people. As it stands right now, there are not a whole lot of people inside of the DO, but the Auren Gaming community is part of the Order, along with any new communities that Zack starts.