TownyKingdoms Modpack!

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Hey all. Back in the days of the original TownyKingdoms, I created a launcher and a modpack to go with it. There was a server, and a few people came on and we had a good time. That pack has been revitalized as TK Space. Originally, it was going to be a space focused pack, but now has turned into just a general gigantic mod pack. It has a total of 129 mods (I'll make a list of them at a later time) and its own website (

To get the pack, follow the directions on the pack's website. From there, the IP address is See you on, and have fun!


Rank Changes

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Hey all. I'm making some changes to our ranks, and you all need to be privy to them. The new ranks are outlined below.

Traveler (default):

  • Unchanged except for name
Peasant (member):
  • No longer has access to Silk Spawners being broken with a silktouch pick
  • No longer had access to /back
Lord (Level 1):
  • Access to Silk Spawners
  • Access to /back
  • Access to /backpack
  • Access to /realname
  • Access to /recipe
  • Access to /workbench
  • Access to /ptime
  • Keep XP on death
  • All perks from Level 1 as it was before
Prince (Level 2):
  • Access to /feed
  • Access to /pweather
  • All perks from Level 1 and Level 2 as they...

We're Back! And other such updates.

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Video (take a quick listen):

Towny Kingdoms is coming back full time. It's going to be run by myself and a fellow named WriteEscape/Ady. We're going to be using most of the same plugins, but we won't have a custom world. Any staff that was on TK is welcome to join up. We have ideas, and are going to execute them.

That's all for now, stay tuned on the discord ;)


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