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Official St.Patricks Day
Happy St.Patricks Day!

In order to celebrate the holiday; there is now a pot of gold, with a couple of shulker boxes inside.... Where might this be?

In the wild, hidden far far away - where only the bravest of treasure hunters may find it, yet take heed; it's not as easy as one might think....

Goodluck in your hunt and keep an eye out for more events that may just be coming soon....
Announcement Modded's back up!
Because apparently it was down, forgot to flip a switch in my network.

Announcement Vanilla+
Hey all, I've been thinking about doing an enhanced version of Vanilla Minecraft for a while now, and I finally went ahead and did it tonight. Basically, the pack contains every mod that is "legal" to play with on the server. At the moment, it includes Inventory Tweaks, the Macro/Keybind mod and (optionally) Optifine. The mod list is short, I know, but those are what are supported and updated so far for 1.11.2.

You can download the pack using the launcher here. Anyhow, that's all!

Announcement New Theme
As you can tell, there's a new site theme. I thought that this one (which has been on the back burner for some time now) would fit the server's color scheme better than the old one did. Plus, it's much lighter. So, it feels happier I guess! Anyway, feedback is welcomed.

Hey all. Just wanted to let y'all know quickly that the vanilla server is using an amplified world now for maximum neat factor. The vanilla server is running 1.12 (latest snapshot) so the whitelist is off. Once the server stops running the beta version of MC the whitelist will be turned back on. You can connect @ vanilla.townykingdoms.com. See you there :)

Greetings friends! The builder apps are back open, as we've seen a few promotions and changes in staff. If you'd like to apply, go to the forums and follow the format for the Builder Application category. Good luck!

Valentines Day Week Has Arrived!

This week there will be several fun Valentines Day things coming out! Such as: A Valentines Day area, Valentines Day Cards (read below), and an extra special surprise!

The Valentines Day Cards are here: https://townykingdoms.com/media/albums/valentines-day.9/
Simply click the link, pick out a card, and message me on here or Discord saying which card, and who you would like me to send a "Secret Valentine" to!

* I will also be able to deliver secret admirer gifts to people in-game - Simply tell me who the person is and what item (flowers, or a gift you created yourself)!

Be sure to check this thread later on this week for more fun and special things!
Announcement End Dungeon
Greetings! I just finished polishing up the dungeon to get to the End. It is located at <ERR: PERMISSION DENIED>. Ohp, looks like I can't tell you that information.... Whoops ;)

The screenshot below provides a general area, and if you know your stuff you'll be able to find it using the world map (it's very simple). Once you're at the dungeon, you cannot tp, set a home or create a town there. This is because it is the end. It's a big deal, and as such if you want to bring friends with you, you'll all need to go at the same time. The same commands are blocked in the actual end world.


Happy hunting!

Announcement Donation Stretch Goal
Hello! 2 days ago I set up a stretch goal on the donation store for $1200. This is a very large stretch goal, I realize this. However, our processors are too slow to handle the amount of plugins and other processes that run on the server. So, we need an upgrade. If you go to the shop, you can see an explanation and a link to the specific processors that the server will get. So far, we've raised $71 and some change (thanks so much!).

Once the stretch goal is met, anyone with a rank below King will get a rankup. So, it's worth your while. I understand not everyone can help us with this, and that's fine. We appreciate that you play here, and if you feel the need to donate we really appreciate it. Anyway, that's about it.

Welcome to the New Map update. This update was pushed forward way faster than I had planned by a few weeks when last night all of our Towny data got corrupted magically. So, in my last few posts I've detailed what exactly happened. In this post, I'm announcing the custom world and what you have to do. You can check out the video below if you don't like reading.

For the custom world to work, you'll have to transfer your things. The old map will be closed and archived on Sunday, so make sure you transfer literally everything. Make sure you're in a protected are to put your items in. Make sure that you put everything from your inventory and enderchest in a real chest, otherwise when we switch over to the new world in our config, your inventory will be reset and you'll lose those items.

With the custom world, we also launched the resources world. The resources world is where you'll want to get all your stuff. In the custom world, for some reason it isn't generating caves at all. The resources world is a vanilla generated world, so there won't be any issues with resources being lacking underground or above ground.

That wraps it up in a nice bow. The video is below for the lazy.


As promised, image overview:


*The world map above is what it looks like for me when I edit the thing. But that's the general layout of the map.