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Announcement Large Data Loss
Hello. I didn't think I'd have to make this post. Tonight I found out that essentially all plugin data files have been corrupted, and are therefore now defunct and are not working. This includes:
  1. Locks
  2. All Towns
  3. Others, including (possibly) inventories
This is interesting timing. I'm ready to push the new map out as soon as possible so I will be doing that. I'm going to convert and export the newest version, push it to the server, and then I'll go from there. The server staff are now in what I like to call emergency mode. This means that if any staff has the opportunity to come on, they are requested to and need to do so.

In this instance of emergency mode, we will be getting the new world ready (regions, portals & spawn holograms) so that everything is in order. I'll be working on the new map as well to finish it up as quickly as possible. These are things we will be doing.

If your inventory was reset or balance was reset, please comment on this post to tell me what you have lost. I'll try to compensate you. In the mean time, this will be known as TK Version 1.6 - The Map Update. More information to come.

The test server is now running the 1.12 snapshot, and the whitelist has temporarily been shut off.
Greetings everyone. Over the course of a day, our main boot disk (where everything is stored basically) filled up to max. I've removed and trimmed things where necessary to make room for the server to actually be able to exist, but when the server's disk filled up MassiveLock (what we use to lock chests, doors, etc.) corrupted its user files. So, I've had to reset the entirety of what has been locked and per-user data.

That is all.

Fair warning, the server will be down most of the day on Wednesday for some maintenance, this goes for the main site as well. You have been warned!

I've been feeling that the wiki has needed to get better for a long time, so today I decided to do something about that. You can now access the new(ish) wiki by visiting the old url (wiki.townykingdoms.com). This wiki will be a bit easier to use, and along the road it will allow me to add wiki contributors into the mix. Moon's already started helping me write it, but as the big orange disclaimer at the top says, the wiki's a work in progress.

I'll be giving it a lot more attention from now on as well, so it will be updated much more frequently.

Welcome to total war. This update is based off of a suggestion by @DobkinGrigother, and I thought it was such a good idea I implemented it and its going to be its very own update. So, what is total war?

One thing that makes Towny such a great plugin is how complex it is. One aspect to that complexity is the War feature of the plugin. Now, there are 2 types of war in towny. One is an event toggled by an admin, and the other is called flag-based war. Flag based is what we're using now, and works like this:

  • Two nations wish to go to war with each other. The king of each nation runs /nation enemy add [nationname]
  • A member from each nation goes to a town inside of the other nation (for another town to attack their enemy, there must be 2 people online in the town they are attacking and 3 people online inside the nation itself)
  • Working from the outside in, the invaders must place down a fence post on the plot they wish to attack. Once they do, a flag is placed and a beacon is raised in the sky, signalling which plot is being attacked. Each flag costs $100
  • Each plot has its own HP. A regular plot has 60HP while a Homeblock has 120 HP. For each 5 seconds an enemy is stood in that plot, damage is dealt to the plot which in turn changes the color of the flag (wool). To prevent your town's block being taken from the enemy, the defending town much break the wool part of the flag.
  • Once the battle is won, the owner of the plot are forced to pay their attackers $500. If it is a Homeblock, they are forced to pay $1000. The opposite is true if the defenders of the town block break the wool in time. The attackers are forced to pay the town they were attacking.
  • Nations can opt out completely by declaring their neutrality. You can do this as a king by running /nation toggle peaceful. This will cost you $150 per day in addition to your nations...
For those of you that can switch gamemodes, you'll be happy to know that as of this afternoon I've fixed the inventories getting cleared when you switch inventories. Now inventories separate correctly. Enjoy!

So, I have no idea what happened here. I don't know why all the chests randomly got cleared out. Honestly, I'm not sure what happened. However, I did figure out that our ban system temporarily died for some reason and some people who were previously banned. And, apparently it reverted to 1.10. Some crazy stuff happened that I can't explain even a little bit.

So, I'll spend some time looking into what the hell happened and hopefully fix it. Although I'm about 99% sure that the chest data is permanently wiped. Anyway, yep.

Greetings friends! The server has been up a solid year! In that time, we've accomplished a lot and had our fair share of screw ups. Since the day we opened a year ago on January 9th, our goal has always been to provide a solid experience with features that no other server could. I think we're pretty close to that, and after a year of being in beta, 2017 is a year with big changes in store.

The biggest change that will be happening soon will be more dungeons. We only have the 1 as of now, which is the backpack dungeon. In the future, dungeons will allow players to learn new spells on completion, and earn epic rewards. I'm currently looking in to changing our current spell plugin up a bit (although I'm not 100% on that change yet). However, what I do know is that we'll have bosses, awesome abilities and epic prizes to offer those who finish the dungeons!

You might see the dungeons popping up here and there in the landscape of TK, so keep an eye out. I'll let everyone know when one is completed as well, so make sure to follow our progress.

Another new thing will be an actual tutorial area. We've come to the realization and accepted the fact that when new players join, they don't really know what to do, what TK is or where to go. So, when a new player joins, they will be required to complete a tutorial detailing what TK even is. Of course, regular players can also look at the tutorials as well. In addition to the new player tutorial, we'll also have a new class tutorial area. All of the tutorials are being written by @Moon, and I'm sure if you would like to input any ideas for tutorials she'd be more than happy to hear them.

Along with Dungeons and Tutorials, more in-game rank options will be offered. A brand new gui shop will be available to players to buy simple things (like plot bonuses) with in game money. The shop won't be cheap, but the upgrades you'll be able to get will help you along your journey.

Speaking of your journey,...
The Christmas Area will be closed on Monday January 9th; In order to prepare for the TownyKingdoms first Anniversary Area!