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Greetings all, and Happy New Year! I thought that today it would be fitting to actually launch something I've had in the back of my mind for a while already, which is a vanilla/survival server. This server is as close to vanilla as I think should be acceptable (2 plugins, Essentials and a permissions manager). The server is whitelisted because there are 0 rules, which means that our language filters/rules are not applicable to the Vanilla server.

So, this server (in essence) is a chill place where you can do what you want in survival. If you're interested in it, you can of course check out the application format here, and once you're whitelisted (after successful application) you can join the server at vanilla.townykingdoms.com OR survival.townykingdoms.com.

Anyway, enjoy the fireworks on the site (that will be going away January 2nd) and have a very happy new year!

Creative Control is now loaded in. If you hadn't switched to survival yet, all your items are gone. You were warned though ;)

Hello everyone! Today I'm very excited because one of my favorite plugins (Creative Control) got an update from another plugin developer I've been working with. Anyway, we're going to be switching over to that plugin, however there currently isn't any way to migrate from our current plugin (ShareControl) over to CControl. So, if you have access to creative and you want to keep your Survival items, please switch to survival and stay there until the 28th. On the 28th, ShareControl will be removed and CControl will be implemented for good.

Hello all! So, we've got a basic server status page, however it doesn't cover websites and other backend services. Basically, any time I see that a service goes down, I can report it on our status page. There's also an added benefit of it not running on our main servers, but instead on a server that will never be restarted or turned off. The status page can be accessed at status.townykingdoms.com.

The server will be updated later today to 1.11.2. This update will take a little bit, but it shouldn't be down (theoretically) more than about a half hour.

Today, Minecraft 1.11.1 was released. As usual, this means that there's an update cycle that happens between Minecraft being updated, and the Spigot team catching up and releasing a version for 1.11.1.

So, as usual once the 1.11.1 release is out, we'll be pushing that version to the test server and going from there. You can view the release notes here, or read the TL;DR version below.

  • Added Iron Nuggets
  • Added Sweeping Edge enchant
  • Boost when flying with Elytra and you use a firework
  • Firework 'splosions hurt people & mobs when they explode
  • Furnaces can melt down iron & gold items into nuggets (by items I mean tools & armor) - max output of nuggets is 1 per-type (iron or gold)

While we work out some of the bugs with the realism plugin, it has been disabled on the main server.

Welcome to the Realism update. Since we are by very nature a Roleplay server, I thought it was prudent that we added a bit more to that sense of RP. So, we've implemented a brand new plugin called MCRealistic. The things in that plugin that are currently enabled include:
  • Thirst
  • Hunger
  • Weather
  • Trail
  • Path
Thirst does what it sounds like, it adds thirst to the game. To quench your thirst, simply drink a bottle of water (something you'll want to have plenty of). Hunger simply displays a hungry message to you. Weather is a bit special. What weather does is when (for example) it snows and you are without any armor, you will freeze. To prevent this, obviously you can wear armor, or you can stand next to a torch. Trails are another interesting feature, which you'll have to experience for yourself, and the same goes for trails.

The other big thing that's introduced is broken bones. If you fall from a great height, you will break your bones. To repair them, you'll either need to craft a bandage:
Or simply wait it out. Your broken legs will heal themselves. I'll have some kits soon enough that will allow you to pay for the kit in return for some water or bandages. Anyway, that's essentially it.

The modded server has been stagnant for a while now, and I've thought it needed a revamp anyway. So, (re)introducing the modded server! You can get the pack from pack.townykingdoms.com. Make sure that if you did have the old launcher and pack installed, that you redownload the launcher from that link. It's in its testing stages so nothing's complete yet.

Anyhow, once you download the launcher, you can connect to the server at modded.townykingdoms.com just like you could before.