1. Hi there Guest, over the next few days we are going to start experimenting with ad placement on this website. They should only show up on the sidebar and below the content to be as unobtrusive as possible.
Edit: Server's back up, update's done.

The server will be down for a short period of time while I update the software that the server is managed with. This shouldn't take long at all, so it'll hopefully be back up within a few minutes. I'll edit this post again when it's complete!
Introducing the Holiday Sale! From now until December 31st, get 10% off any purchase!

Hello everyone! I've been meaning to add some shop items for some time now, and at last I've finally done so!

So, in the first release of the new shop items, I've added extras. For now, all that I've added is access to some silk spawner powers. That includes:

  • Access to /spawner blaze
  • Access to /spawner irongolem
  • Access to /spawner skeleton
  • Access to Silk Spawners itself, allowing you to mine spawners with a silk pick and get a spawner back!
I'm going to be adding some brand new cosmetics that I've just gotten to work as well, so keep your eyes here!

Edit: Forums are complete again. Simpler to navigate, too!

Greetings! The forums have been bugging me of late, simply because they're a little bit unorganized. So, I decided to fix that. You can still access the old forum posts and stuff by going to the forum, scrolling down, and then clicking the - on the "Archived" category.

Anyway, I'm not quite done reworking everything just yet, but when it's finished I'll let everyone know.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays TownyKingdoms!
A magical portal has opened up in the center of spawn (just walk straight from /spawn) to the christmas/holiday wonderland for the month of December! It has santas village, elf/advent village, players builds, mini-games, a train, trades, club christmas and a gingerbread boss! This may seem like a lot - but thats not all! - The 12 Days of Christmas have just begun!

There will be various holiday contests, events, or simply things to do here on the website each day for 12 days! You can check out all the links to those areas by coming back here and clicking on the links next to the name! I'll scramble up the names for now (Can you still guess what they are?). We will also have a christmas spotify playlist linked on another thread. Enjoy!

Christmas Spotify Playlist: https://townykingdoms.com/threads/christmas-spotify-playlist.282/

Coal Competition https://townykingdoms.com/threads/coal-contest-day-2-of-12-days-of-christmas.283/#post-738

Secret Santa https://townykingdoms.com/threads/secret-santa.284/

Christmas Story Competition https://townykingdoms.com/threads/christmas-story-competition.288/

Christmas Drawing Competition https://townykingdoms.com/threads/christmas-drawings.290/...
Announcement Introducing Changelog
Greetings. I realized today that no one actually knows how the server is versioned, and what quantifies that little number on the server's MOTD in your server list. So, I decided to make a simple addition to our wiki for a changelog page.

This page will contain
all changes made to the server. Often multiple updates happen per day, so if more than one update magically appear at a time, that's because I've been working a lot on stuff that day.

This changelog will only include plugin or configuration changes. So, anyhow, I hope you enjoy that little page to track what's going on.

Announcement 1.11 Update
Edit: Server's up and unwhitelisted :)

Hello everyone! As of today, it appears that all of our plugins are working with MC 1.11. The server has a few plugin changes in place, which includes ChestShop being replaced by this plugin.
Other than that, I think every other plugin change is actually only on the back end, so you won't notice too much of a change.

As always with an update, we rely heavily on bug reports made through the Tickets page. And of course the bug bounty will be in effect, so for every legitimate bug report you provide will compensate you in game.

From what I can tell from the test server, there are no game-breaking bugs right now. But, to really be able to test that theory, we needed to push the update to the main server. So, here goes I guess.

The server will be whitelisted for a bit while I update all the things, but hopefully that won't take more than a half hour.

So, you can now connect to the server using a 1.11 client! You won't have access to any of the 1.11 goodness as it's not officially added in yet, however it's easier to do so now.

Also, for those of you that use Optifine, a beta version of Optifine has come out for 1.11 and is available here.


Announcement Test Server
1.11 has been released, so a new test server is online. At this time, it's running 1.11 Vanilla (so no plugins). This will be the server we test the plugins on once Spigot releases a 1.11 version.

You can connect to it at snapshot.townykingdoms.com

Announcement Minecraft 1.11
Mojang has officially announced that Minecraft v1.11 will be released on November 13, 2016. That's tomorrow. The Spigot team has made a post on their website about the development timeline for 1.11 and ultimately when they expect to release the final version for public use.

That's all well and good, but like every release that comes around, we are going to be handling it slowly. A Minecraft release is very important (especially when you have 82 plugins to update). We'll be waiting to make sure that most of our plugins are working with 1.11 before we update our main server, and in the mean time (immediately after 1.11 is released) we will be creating a test server where we can slowly add plugins into the mix to test things and make sure they work.

I'm honestly estimating at least a 2 week turn around time for everything to get done for 1.11 after its initial release from Spigot. I know this isn't the most convenient, but in the long run, I'd like to do it right the first time rather than have everything break immediately by rushing it.

You can read what the Spigot team have written here.

Somehow, last night, the /chests got broken. This means that everyone's items are gone. I don't know how, all I can say is that I'm sorry. But now, this is a true reset. Your Money, mcMMO and SkillAPI stats haven't been reset.

Because of this, at this time the server's version is 1.2.31 - The Reset Update.

Either way, the server is back open.