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Announcement World Reset
Hello everyone. Over the past few days, I've been looking into why we've had so many server crashes, and why there seems to be such a huge lag spike every so often that completely debilitates the world.

I've come to the conclusion (after looking at every other possible solution) that our main world is to blame. Currently, our main world (if it were generated in a square) would be roughly 13,000 blocks. That's a massive world.

The reason that the size is a factor in this case is because of the player spread. All of the players are located in their own locations, all over the world. When lots of you guys are on the server, chunks are loaded in different random places, and some chunks are left loaded for various other reasons. When the server has to handle the chunks being loaded in said different random locations per player, it also has to handle all of the entities in that chunk as well as possibly generating new chunks as well.

To deal with this, the new world will have a world border of 9,000. This will actually produce a significantly smaller load on the server than our current world. While we transfer major builds such as spawn over to the new world (which was actually dubbed TK2017 before all this) the server will be whitelisted. There will be 1 day after we transfer all the builds for players to put the items they want to take with them into a backpack (/bp). Make sure that you have all the items you need, as you will not be able to go back afterwards.

I didn't want to do this, but it has to be done.

Announcement New Minecraft Launcher
Hello all! I've been excited for this for months. The crew over at Mojang has been working on a brand new Launcher for a while now, and it's in its testing phase. You can help them test it out, and in return you get an amazingly beautiful launcher. You can get it from the Reddit thread and read more there, but there's links for more info below as well. But first, some screen shots!

Windows < Extract it to its own folder (it'll download files to that folder, so best not to run it in the Downloads folder)
Official Spooky Podcast!
Greetings! We haven't done a podcast in a really long time, so for Halloween we got together and recorded one! Hope y'all enjoy. As always, you can access the podcast @ https://townykingdoms.com/podcast
Official Here's Progress!
Hello! A really long time ago (January of this year), I made a post outlining things that we were going to accomplish later on the down the line. Now, I've completely forgotten to keep track of it and I thought it was about time to actually keep things up to date. So, here goes!

Here's the list:

  1. Different classes/races (partially complete, honestly not sure if we will introduce different races)
    1. Class/Race Specific Spells or Abilities (completed)
    2. Custom Leveling System (completed, for classes)
  2. Dungeons w/ bosses (nope, not really done, working on it)
  3. Custom Mob Leveling System (nope, keeps getting borked)
  4. A Questing Sub-Server (this has been permanently cancelled, quests are a main server event)
  5. Mini event-like quests on the main server (read #4)
  6. Random boss-level spawns throughout the world (will be completed with the mob leveling system)
Now, as you can tell only a small amount of these things are actually complete. So, uh that's a bit awkward I suppose. But, lots of this stuff takes time, although I didn't think I'd be sitting here writing this post nearly a year later having made so little progress. But, we will persevere! And I'll actually keep this updated.

Announcement Snapshot Server!
Greetings! Since the 1.11 snapshot came out, I've been planning to create a snapshot server, and today I finally did it. All you have to do is load up the latest shapshot (as of today, it's 16w39c) and connect to snapshot.townykingdoms.com.

The server is vanilla. So, this means that there's no fancy chat or commands, it looks exactly as Mojang ships it.

Announcement The Shop Update!
Good morning everyone! I'm pleased to announce that at last, the shop update has been completed. You can now donate to the server using the shop page. There are a few things that I need to make clear first, however.

  1. All purchases are final. This means there are no chargebacks, and no refunds.
  2. We reserve the right to change what perks a rank has at any time, when we see fit.
    1. We will, however, try to announce when perk changes happen so it's not sprung on anyone.
  3. If you donate to the "Define Your Own" section, you will not receive a rank. This section is just meant for donations.
I'm also aware that the shop images aren't up to date yet, as they still have our old rank names in them; I'm working on it.

Hey Everyone!

The TK Halloween Spooktacular has now begun! The staff have worked hard making a fun Halloween/Fall themed area for you to enjoy. You can access the area all month long by typing /warp halloween or using the portal at the event hub.

Around the area there are many minigames, mazes, and builds to check out. Also check chests for Candy Corn, which you can save up and exchange for exclusive prizes in our prize area!

Also, on October 13th, 2 areas will open up - Our graveyard boss dungeon and a Halloween Trick-or Treat quest. Both will give you the opportunity to earn more candy corn and an exclusive item.

TBA date and time for our Halloween Party, where we will have a costume skin contest (start working on them now!) and a party at Club Pumpkin.

Hope you enjoy the area we've made and Happy October!
Announcement Server Status
So as people may or may not have noticed, the server appears to be completely down at the moment. This is because Comcast is having a service outage in the area, and speeds have been cut to about a 100th of what we usually get. Their estimate says it will be fixed by 9PM (UTC -7 time). Hopefully it won't take that long, but that's the news.

So apparently the server went down all day today. Magic. I didn't know about it until tonight, when I actually fixed it. So uh, sorry?

Anyway it's fixed.

Announcement Here's some news!
Hello there everyone! I've got some news, and I think I need to put it into bullets, and it was important enough to make a video about it too. So here's both! Oh, and all of these things are going to be happening this Saturday.

  1. The Nether & End are being reset
  2. Skill API & mcMMO are being reset
  3. The shop update is going to happen
  4. That is all.