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Bug Bounty

Welcome to the bug bounty! This page will contain everything you need to know about it, and why you really should participate.

The bug bounty system was started so that the staff of Towny Kingdoms can make everything silky smooth on the server. To do this, we implemented the tickets system ages ago. However, until now there has been no real incentive to actually use that ticket system. So, we're proud to introduce the Bug Bounty system!

The Bug Bounty essentially runs like the in-game bounty, however instead of placing a set amount on someone's head, the amount is fluid, and the target is any issue or bug that arises on the server. Just like through the bounty plugin, you will get paid based on how much we think the bug is worth. For example, a game breaking bug will obviously receive a larger prize, and something that is small but still a bug will get a smaller prize. The staff will choose exactly how much you will get rewarded on a bug-to-bug basis, so not everything will be automated to avoid farming the system.

Getting started is really easy. All you have to do is head over to the tickets page, click on "New Ticket", and follow the directions. However, please only mark the bug the priority you think it should be, i.e. game breaking should be marked high priority, medium impact or small impact should also be marked medium or low respectively.

The maximum payout for a bug is set at $50,000 in-game, so be on the look out and please don't forget to report the bugs!