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  1. Zack

    Dungeon Loot

    Cave: - Zinc (common) - Mossy Crystal (Artifact) > Used together for a trade of something
  2. Zack

    An Update

    Hello everyone! It's been a little while since I've posted an update, and I think you all are due for one. Towny Kingdoms: Progress on 1.14 has been slow, as it is for almost any update. Throughout the update for 1.14, we've been battling updates, weird changes in the code that I wasn't...
  3. Zack

    1.14 Plans

    Hello everyone! It's that time again, Mojang has released a new version of Minecraft. The usual process will apply here, however, so far it's going a little bit faster than usual. The roadmap looks as follows: Wait for Spigot to update (This step is complete) Wait for the major plugins we use...
  4. Zack

    April Update - 1.14, Mechanics Changes & More!

    I did a video this time because I didn't want to type. Check it out here:
  5. Zack

    Changes to mcMMO

    Hello everyone! So, as you all know, we use mcMMO on the server. It's always been a personal favorite of mine, since way back in the day when I first started running servers. There has been some new development by the original developer of mcMMO from about 8 years ago, and he's released a new...
  6. Zack

    Small Update

    Hey everyone. I know I've been fairly quiet, the only thing I've really done in the last probably 20 days is create the new discord ( btw :) ), but there are some updates I should give. First, I've been overwhelmed a little bit with an alarming amount of stuff both IRL and with...
  7. Zack

    Status Update

    Hello everyone, I know it's been nearly a month since my last update and I apologize for that. Things have taken more time than I thought they would, and additionally some of the plans I had in place changed. If you read the last update, you know that as a team we are planning to relaunch the...
  8. Zack

    Our Plans for the New Year

    Hello everyone and happy holidays! I hope all of you are doing well. I want to take this time to talk about what is planned for the new year for TK and give an outline for what we want to happen next year with the server. It's been relatively radio silence since I announced that Wytherin and TK...
  9. Zack

    Towny Kingdoms and Wytherin!

    Hello everyone, I'm pleased to announce that Towny Kingdoms and Wytherin have joined forces and are now under the Towny Kingdoms Network! You can still go to each server individually, all you have to do is connect to their IPs, and select the server you wish to join using the compass or by going...
  10. Zack

    1.14 Snapshot Server!

    Hello everyone, it's update time again, and that means there's a new snapshot server up and running! To connect, the IP is - be sure to use the 1.14 Snapshot! Have fun testing it out! -Zack
  11. Zack

    Donation Store

    Fly is back, for now.
  12. Zack

    1.13.1 Update is LIVE!

    Hello everyone! I have some great news! The server has been updated to 1.13.1 successfully and we can now start transferring things over! When you log in for the first time, you'll start at an abandoned crashed ship. In front of you, you will see a floating greeting with the instruction to go to...
  13. Zack

    Donation Store

    At the moment, there are no voter ranks, however you get points fo being in game and you can use those points on perks, spawners, etc.
  14. Zack

    Donation Store

    Greetings everyone! It has come to my attention that our current donation store violates the Minecraft EULA and therefore any ability to buy ranks, town plots or /fly have been suspended indefinitely. All users that have purchased those ranks or perks previously will be able to keep them, this...
  15. Zack

    The Road to 1.13 Part 2

  16. Zack

    The Road to 1.13 Part 2

    Greetings everyone! It's been over a month since I posted the original thread about our upgrade path to 1.13, and since (according to right now) they are aiming for a release in 7 days (July 18) I thought I needed to update you all on what we're doing for 1.13. Much of the plan is...
  17. Zack

    Minecraft 1.13 & The Snapshot Server

    It would probably take about a month for the plugins to get updated, plenty of time to gather your items. We'll warn you too, probably a few days in advance. :)
  18. Zack

    Minecraft 1.13 & The Snapshot Server

    Hello everyone! As you know, Minecraft 1.13 Pre-release 1 was released 2 days ago. That means we're getting a lot closer to the final release for 1.13, and of course that means we (as a staff team and as a server) need to start getting ready for the 1.13 update. This will be a bit of a longer...
  19. Zack

    TownyKingdoms Modpack!

    Hey all. Back in the days of the original TownyKingdoms, I created a launcher and a modpack to go with it. There was a server, and a few people came on and we had a good time. That pack has been revitalized as TK Space. Originally, it was going to be a space focused pack, but now has turned into...
  20. Zack

    Rank Changes

    Hey all. I'm making some changes to our ranks, and you all need to be privy to them. The new ranks are outlined below. Traveler (default): Unchanged except for name Peasant (member): No longer has access to Silk Spawners being broken with a silktouch pick No longer had access to /back Lord...