Changes to mcMMO

Hello everyone! So, as you all know, we use mcMMO on the server. It's always been a personal favorite of mine, since way back in the day when I first started running servers. There has been some new development by the original developer of mcMMO from about 8 years ago, and he's released a new version of the plugin. It has some changes, but I like it a bit more, and I think we're going to move to it (barring a lot of push back of course). There are some changes that I like a lot, and they're listed below, but first, I'd like to get into what this means.

Because this is essentially a rewrite, and it also works a bit differently in some aspects, mcMMO skill levels will be reset. This means you'll have to level up again, which in my opinion isn't too big of a deal because it levels up in the same manner that the original mcMMO did. For the amount of time that it takes to level back up, I don't see this is a big issue. Let me know, though! Apart from that, there are just some changes to how the plugin works that I should go over.

PvP Tweaks & Combat Skills Deal about 50% more DMG:

  • Added new scaling damage buffs to all existing Combat Skills
  • Added a new subskill named Stab to Swords
  • Fixed a bug where Berserk was not adding 50% damage to attacks
  • Changed how Iron Arm damage is calculated (Rank 1 now effectively gives twice the damage bonus it used to, higher ranks have more damage)
Some other changes include:
  • Less aggressive spam click protection for fishing
  • Updated experience gains for things like herbalism, as well as taming things in the wild
  • With a certain level Herbalism auto replants crops for you
    • Plugin no longer requires seeds to replant crops if you are harvesting crops with a hoe
  • New abilities (not going to list them here)
  • Various bug fixes
For more information about what's changed, you can check out this link which explains it in greater details. This version of the changelog doesn't have absolutely everything, so if you want to see everything, click on this link. The new version also allows me to customize mcMMO a little bit more to my liking, and also tailor it to the server a bit more. I'm not planning on adding it today, but I think I'll make the switch in the next few days. As always, let me know your thoughts!