Our Plans for the New Year

Hello everyone and happy holidays! I hope all of you are doing well. I want to take this time to talk about what is planned for the new year for TK and give an outline for what we want to happen next year with the server. It's been relatively radio silence since I announced that Wytherin and TK are merging, and that's because all of us have been working on plans for the server.

First and foremost, we currently plan to relaunch the server (as in start advertising again) sometime mid January 2019. This will allow us to gain a bit more of a steady player base, and hopefully we will be able to build a community from that! With advertising of course comes new additions including Voting and rewards for voting which I will go over in a later post. All of us are excited for this new chapter, and it's coming relatively soon as well!

We have some pretty big plans for the network in the coming year, the biggest of which is a little bit more integration between Wytherin and Towny Kingdoms, as well as at least 1 new server. The integration I'm talking about is more of an administrative one where both Wytherin and TK share the same rule set and expectations. This way, when switching between servers, you know what to expect on each. Alongside sharing rules, we also plan on sharing staff members so you know who can help you on both servers. I think this is an important step in making sure that we offer the best possible experience for everyone, no matter where you're playing. The new server I mentioned earlier will be an SMP server that offers protection from plugins other than Towny. The plan, as of right now, is to use Grief Prevention to ensure that your builds stay safe.

In terms of Towny Kingdoms specific news, there are going to be some fantastic additions there as well. Right now, all of us are planning a few new expansions to the current world. We're adding a realistically generated world called the Elder Realms. It will have a roleplay feel that will welcome more medieval style builds, better exploration and new opportunities. Below I've included some screenshots of the new world so far.

Along with that world, @AtariMaster is working on a brand new shopping district that will be introduced at the same time as the new world. At the shopping district, you will be able to claim shops for yourself and sell what you like there. This will enable an easier way to make money by selling things you actually make instead of relying solely on Jobs for income, and we're really excited about that.

I think that's all the news that I'm able to share right now, we are of course working on even more amazing things for the future and are excited about the January relaunch!

I'll see you on the server