Small Update

Hey everyone. I know I've been fairly quiet, the only thing I've really done in the last probably 20 days is create the new discord ( btw :) ), but there are some updates I should give. First, I've been overwhelmed a little bit with an alarming amount of stuff both IRL and with college. That load has gone down a bit, and I know I say this every time but I plan on putting some more time into the server. The other thing I should mention is that the majority of the rest of the staff has been busy as well, with jobs, moving, etc. So, I'm not sure when that all will calm down for them, but that's just a small explanation as to where they've been. Now for a status update on the server.

I originally updated our PMC page with the new advertising stuff, and that's pretty much as far as I got. We didn't get a huge influx of new players, like it was in the old days, and that was a little disheartening I have to admit. For reference, a year or two ago, when I would advertise the server on PMC, we'd get 10-20 players. Not all of them would stick, but that influx would help. We got ~5 this time, and that made me a little bit disappointed. Moving forward, I'm going to start advertising on more sites, but I have to find a good time. Advertising with no one on isn't a good look for the server, so I have to wait for not only regular players to be on but at least another staff member, so there's that.

The vote page does show what sites I plan to start advertising on as well. Those vote links will eventually get populated, and I'll post an update when they are. Other than that, there are a few TODO things I have to get done, and those are listed below:

  1. Get voting set up so that rewards are given on vote
  2. Bolster the point shop a bit so that voting has a bit more incentive
  3. Make sure permissions are 100% working for sure™
  4. Get the Discord fully operational again
  5. Work on some new world ideas

I guess that's about it. Honestly, the majority of this has been explaining where I've actually been for like 2 months. I'll eventually start posting more here.