Towny Kingdoms and Wytherin!

Hello everyone, I'm pleased to announce that Towny Kingdoms and Wytherin have joined forces and are now under the Towny Kingdoms Network! You can still go to each server individually, all you have to do is connect to their IPs, and select the server you wish to join using the compass or by going through a portal. If you wish to go back to the hub afterwards, just type /server hub and you can go to either server!

This marks a new era for Towny Kingdoms and a fantastic new partnership that both Kitty and I are really excited about. We'll be adding an SMP server and a Vanilla server to the list as well, so there will be more ways to play on Towny Kingdoms than ever before. If you want to join the Wytherin Discord, the link to that is below as well. I'll be working on the website quite a bit over the next few weeks to include information about both servers, their rules, and what each have to offer. For now though, I hope you all are as excited about this as I am.

As always, see you on the server!

Wytherin Discord: